Efficient Care Starts With Smart Health Decisions

Health choices matter. Harlowe empowers people to become better advocates of their own well‑being by streamlining the process of finding quality, affordable healthcare.


The App that Cares

We give members access to the quality care options they deserve and the professional guidance they need to navigate their healthcare with ease—all in one easy-to-access home on their smartphone.

Compare Costs

From one provider to another, costs can vary drastically—even for the exact same procedure. With Harlowe, members will never have to find and evaluate those care options on their own.

Schedule Appointments

Making appointments and preparing for outpatient procedures is as easy as hopping on the app and getting in touch with our nurses.

Chat With Nurses

Our team is staffed by experienced nurses, trained to help members explore each path and opt for the one that’s right for their health and their budget.

Track Rewards

Members can see the difference Harlowe makes with our in-app record of healthcare savings and cash rewards—all earned simply by choosing lower cost alternatives.

Connect Members With Personalized, One-On-One Support

Our nurses help members find the best service at the best price—and are always just a call, email, or live chat away.

Compare Procedure Options

Our experienced team of Nurse Navigators can help weigh every care option—a crucial task when the price for a single procedure can vary by thousands from provider to provider.

Review Treatment Plans Together

We make it our responsibility to help members better understand what to expect as their next appointment approaches and provide answers as needed about their treatment.

Prepare & Expedite Appointments

When members receive doctor’s orders for an upcoming procedure, our team will guide members through the provider selection process and identify what their next steps will look like.

Get Help With Logistics As Needed

We minimize the confusion that can come with navigating the healthcare system by helping with scheduling, transferring medical records, and other obstacles that appear along the way.


We’re your resource for identifying economic healthcare solutions that reduce costs without sacrificing quality—staffed by experienced nurses and healthcare professionals.


Find Lower Cost Employee Care That Works

Health plans can be a hefty expenditure—and difficult for employees to navigate—which is why we strive to support employers with lower cost health options and personalized guidance to ease employees through their care journey.


Build Trust With Benefits True To Their Title

When it comes to your relationship with customers and their employees, we’ll help you help them. Together, we’ll identify the affordable care options that members are looking for and be there to assist every step of the way.

Health Plans & TPAs

Uncomplicate The Path To Quality Healthcare

Receiving the best care at the best price is a reward in itself. But finding those options isn’t always simple—a challenge we’ll help your members face with personalized guidance and incentives.

Danielle was so incredibly helpful! She was friendly and responsive when I reached out to her, and worked with my doctor’s office until everything was resolved and I could schedule my procedure.” Anna-dora M. Member
Janine was beyond helpful and helped me get the MRI I needed—not for $1200, but for $254! This is a tremendous saving for my wife and me, and I so greatly appreciated it. Janine worked to guide me through every step of the way with quick and clear communication! I would highly recommend this program! Jeffrey C. Member

It Pays To Stay Healthy

Our team strives to ensure every member’s experience is a great one, which comes down to two important goals: keeping quality of care up and procedure costs down.

Stay In-The-Know

Read the latest from our virtual resource center, powered by our team of healthcare professionals.

Introducing Harlowe, Our New Name in Health Care Advocacy

Experienced health care professionals and advocates are who we are. Empowering members, employers, brokers, health plans and TPAs alike with knowledge to make informed health care decisions is what we do. Our mission hasn’t changed—but our name and appearance have.  Welcome to Harlowe—the new face of Tandem Care. For over a decade, we’ve provided a […]