Markets Health Plan TPAs

Better Care For Members, Smoother Processes For Employers

Lower Care Costs

We help members become better advocates for their own wellness by eliminating roadblocks and facilitating informed health decisions—ultimately helping health plans & TPAs save money.

Personalized Support

On your behalf, our member‑focused solutions support consumers with one‑on‑one guidance and rewards for selecting lower cost providers.

Impactful Benefits For A Seamless Healthcare Experience

By delivering expert information, support, and rewards, we help health plans and TPAs provide a better care experience for members and families.

  • Guidance From Healthcare Professionals

    Our Nurse Navigators help members understand the importance of weighing every option for a single procedure while eliminating the guesswork with personalized advice to select a lower cost provider.

  • Rewards For Choosing Lower Cost Providers

    We encourage members to take an active role in their care by offering cash rewards based on their cost-effective choices—even if they don’t have any out-of-pocket costs.

  • Insights Based On Paid Claims Data

    Accuracy is crucial when it comes to healthcare, which is why we source specific paid claims information from our partners to provide up-to-date pricing for every procedure.

  • Healthcare Navigation Made Easy

    Our app gives members the ability to compare in-network provider prices directly on their smartphone, as well as a faster way to reach our Nurse Navigators for one-on-one guidance.

Explore Custom Solutions For Plan Members

We offer white labeling capabilities for health plans and TPAs seeking to provide their members with a custom healthcare experience. Share resources, digital platforms, and insights powered by Harlowe.

Build A Custom Digital Hub

Drive your members to a white labeled landing page and personalized sections of our smartphone app to access Harlowe’s services and resources.

Claim A Dedicated Support Line

Our Nurse Navigators will tailor their health care advocacy services and support to your plan and members.

Let’s Foster Better Client Relationships Together

Reducing costs and protecting revenue ultimately hinge on one important goal: connecting members with the lower cost, quality care they need. Let’s talk about how our tools can help get you there.


Anticipate your clients’ next questions. Before you meet about Harlowe, check out our frequently asked questions—generated from member and employer inquiries.

How can Harlowe help members?

Harlowe’s Nurse Navigators guide members toward lower cost options for outpatient tests/procedures and reward them for choosing the best care at the best price—to improve member engagement and help health plans and TPAs reduce costs.

What services do Harlowe’s Nurse Navigators offer?

In addition to helping members choose a lower cost provider for an upcoming test/procedure, our nurses also assist with appointment rescheduling, medical record transfers, and updating prior authorizations as needed. They’re also available to answer any questions members may have about their appointment.

How are the rewards calculated?

In most cases, rewards are equal to 20% of claim cost savings generated by the Member’s decision to receive services from a lower cost provider identified by our Nurse Navigators. Simply, the member’s reward is equal to 20% of the savings between the price at the original provider and the price at the lower cost provider.*

There are some circumstances that cause Member Rewards to vary:

  • If Harlowe identifies less than $50 of claim cost variance within the geographic area determined by the member, since there are no lower cost providers available, there is no savings nor reward.
  • If the savings generated by the Member’s decision exceed $10,000, the maximum Member Reward of $2,000 applies.

*Some employer group reward schedules may vary from this standard. Please contact Harlowe to confirm details.

How do I inform members about Harlowe’s services?

We’ll provide information about our resources for you to share with members, including important details about member support, downloading the Harlowe app, and rewards eligibility.  We will also work with you to learn more about your organization’s communication styles and preferences to support your outreach campaigns accordingly.

Is the Harlowe app secure? How can I reassure members that their information is safe with Harlowe?

The Harlowe app is powered by our private, HIPAA compliant data center. Learn more about our technology and redundant cloud infrastructure here.

What does the onboarding process with Harlowe look like?

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our implementation & onboarding timeline depends upon your program selections. Further details, inclusive of an onboarding roadmap and collaborative communication charting, will be provided upon partnering with us. 

My clients have questions about Harlowe’s services. Where should I direct them?

Harlowe Nurse Navigators are available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm ET. We are available by phone at 844-99HARLOWE, by email at, by live chat on our website or on our mobile app. There is also helpful information about member services on the Members section of our website and on our FAQ.