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With Harlowe, you’ll face the complex world of healthcare with a dedicated team by your side, available to help you weigh every care option available.

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With Harlowe*
Initial Cost*







Screening Mammogram












CT Scan



Bone Density Scan



*All prices are for demonstration only and not actual procedure prices. Procedure costs vary by region and facility.

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Contact our Nurse Navigators when your doctor orders a procedure. We’ll help you explore your options and identify a convenient, quality provider at the best price.


Our Nurse Navigators will facilitate the procedure scheduling process, expedite appointments as needed, and help you better understand what to expect at your appointment.

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We’ll send you a cash reward as a thank you for choosing a lower cost provider. It really does pay to stay healthy!

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Not sure what to expect at your next appointment? Bring your questions to our Nurse Navigators—your personalized resource for getting the treatment answers you need.

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When you choose a lower cost provider, you’ll earn cash rewards based on your savings, even if you have no out-of-pocket expenses!


Ready for a better healthcare experience? Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

How can Harlowe help me and my family?

Harlowe can help find lower cost providers for outpatient tests/procedures that your doctor orders for you and your eligible family members. When you choose a lower cost provider suggested by our Nurse Navigators, you will be eligible for a reward based on the savings. Your Nurse Navigator can also help to schedule or reschedule the appointment for you and answer questions about your upcoming appointment. Not sure if your procedure is something we can assist with? Give us a call—our Nurse Navigators are here to help!

What are your hours and how do I contact you?

Harlowe Nurse Navigators are available by phone Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm at (844) 994-2756. You can also reach us by email at, by live chat via the link found on our website, or on our mobile app.

How are the rewards calculated?

If you choose a lower cost provider* suggested by our Nurse Navigators, you will be eligible for a reward equal to 20% of the savings! If you are already using a lower cost provider, you will be eligible for a $10.00 reward. Rewards are issued via a reloadable Visa card.

*$50 minimum savings required to be eligible. $2,000 maximum reward per procedure. Employer group reward schedules may vary from this standard. Please contact Harlowe to confirm details.

Are all my family members eligible for the program?

With Harlowe, all dependents enrolled in your plan are eligible for the program.

What happens if I do not choose a lower cost facility?

Our philosophy is that it’s your health, your choice! Harlowe is a voluntary program designed to empower you with options and help you lower your out-of-pocket costs, but it is your decision where you choose to receive your care. Welcome to the driver’s seat.

How do I let my doctor know I want to switch to a different facility?

The Nurse Navigator you speak with can assist you with notifying your doctor. Nurse Navigators will coordinate with the ordering doctor’s office and the new facility to reschedule the appointment, as well as assist with updating prior authorizations as needed. If you prefer to call the ordering doctor’s office yourself, your Nurse Navigator will provide you with the necessary information to give them.

I had my test/procedure done last week and forgot to call. Does it still qualify for a reward?

Unfortunately, no. You need to contact Harlowe before having the test/procedure so that we can either confirm you are at a lower cost provider or provide you with lower cost options.

I need a new PCP or specialist. Can you recommend one in my area who is in my network?

We do not make recommendations for PCPs or specialists. Your health plan’s Member Services team is a great resource to assist you in finding in-network providers.

Will my doctor still get the results if I go to a facility not affiliated with their office?

Yes, the facility where you have your test/procedure will forward the results to the ordering doctor’s office. If it is an MRI or CT scan, the new facility can give you a CD of the MRI/CT scan to give to your doctor if needed.

Why do the costs for my test/procedure vary so much? Are these facilities lower in cost because the quality is less?

The cost is not a reflection of provider quality. Instead, pricing is based on the contract your insurance company has with each facility. Typically, a free-standing facility is less expensive than a hospital because the facility does not have the same overhead costs that hospitals do.

How long will it take for me to receive my reward?

Typically, you can expect to receive your reward 30 – 45 days from when you receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), but there are a few variables that impact when your reward is issued. The timing depends on how quickly the facility submits the billing for your service to your insurance company. Once this happens, your insurance company processes the claim. As part of the claim processing, your insurance company communicates with you by sending your EOB.

Is my reward taxable?

Our reward is a reduction of your costs or a rebate. The Internal Revenue Service and your state taxing authority may deem these rewards taxable income. We cannot know your individual situation nor provide tax advice. Harlowe is not responsible for determining whether you need to include the value of the rewards as additional income when preparing your tax returns. We recommend consulting your tax advisor whether this payment is taxable.